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About Louise

I have lived in the Midcoast Maine area with my family for 24 years. I first became interested in Sequential Homeopathy when my son became ill with a cascade of “conditions.”  With the discovery of Heilkunst, I have been able to watch him grow into a healthy adult. It was a slow, gentle and natural process that began peeling away the layers blocking him from fulfilling his goals, hopes and dreams. In addition, the entire family has enjoyed a sense of wellness that came as a result.


​I am also a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist and Special Education Teacher working with children and adolescents for 42 years. I have observed the evolution of the decline of our children's physical, mental, and emotional health, seeing how vaccines, prescription drugs, the continuous barrage of toxins, poor diet and regimen, and emotional trauma inhibit them from realizing their full potential.


I felt a strong resonance with the holistic approach to health and healing, so I began studying at the Hahnemann College and graduated as a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst in 2012, and am a current member of the International Heilkunst Association.


I have a special interest in the role of nutrition ,and how many conditions we see today are resultant of nutritional deficiencies. The saying, we are what we eat might be more accurately described as we are what we can digest, absorb and use to assist our body in the natural healing process.


I have experience working with many health and developmental issues: Childhood/Adolescent Learning and Behavioral Disorders, Autism, Depression. Grief/Loss, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Digestion and Woman’s Health etc. 

Whatever the condition, treatment is based on a full individualized approach according to natural law principles.

Formal Education

Doctor of Medical Heilkunst Homeopathy: Hahnemann College of Heilkust

M.Ed. Speech-Language Pathology and Special Education: College of New Jersey

Training in Source Medicine TIPPS System

Training in the Banerji Homeopathic Protocols

Digestive Intensive Graduate: Holistic Nutrition Lab

Several courses and workshops in overall health and wellness.

Goyetche Biochemical Cellular Response Therapy





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