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“In her wise wisdom; Louise Bakley focused on my great life force, with the potential for giving great fulfillment on every level of my being. Working with sequential homeopathy; the remedies she masterfully chose, unlocked what had been denied, denigrated and hidden. A spiritual evolution was immediately felt. Pleasure was found in my heart and soul. Louise’s work helped to raise the desire, energy and pleasure of my body and has enhanced my growth and not inhibited it.” 

 Deborah Cautela

I am happy to share my great satisfaction for the help and health education I have received under Dr Louise Bakleys care. Particularly, Gout, sleep deprivation and generalized anxiety all of which I have had for a number of years. I now sleep regularly seven to eight hours a night and love it ! I have been free of Gout pain for six months And the generalized anxiety has lessened considerably over the past year. I am definitely healthier and more informed in self care as a result of her expertise.

Big thanks to you Louise ! Joan Vose

My 17 year old daughter has suffered with Chronic Lyme Disease for ten years. She was diagnosed with Lyme Disease when she was 7 years old and throughout the years she has struggled with joint pain, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and depression. As a parent I didn’t know how to help my daughter even though I had done extensive research. We had a difficult time finding a health provider who would address my daughter’s Lyme. My daughter’s first session with Louise instantly made an impact on her life. Louise took the time to understand and learn about my daughter’s health history. She created a warm and inviting atmosphere while advocating for my daughter and teaching her the awareness of her disease and how to treat her symptoms. Louise’s knowledge, insight and compassion was the perfect “remedy” for my daughter’s journey to health.  Lynette Olsen

"I was already so impressed with the level of care that Louise provides for my son, but when I broke out in a horrible, widespread Brown Tail Moth rash. Louise quickly helped identify remedies that alleviated my itching and inflammation overnight. I am constantly blown away by how thoughtful, thorough, attentive and knowledgeable Louise is." Laura P.

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