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Source Medicine

Introduction to Source Medicine​

Source Medicine is a practical application of the essential interconnectedness of all life.

It is an invitation for all forms of medicine to step into a new paradigm. .

Source Resonances are not homeopathic but have evolved from homeopathy. They use a new level of resonance technology we call Source Resonance. They are individualized field effect resonances. We are using specific ‘pieces‘ of consciousness, field effects, (we ourselves are specific consciousness field effects) to deprogram our brain, process and release some of our limiting history, to give us freedom and awareness.

They were developed by Peter Chappell, who was the co-founder of the UK society of homeopaths in 1978, to treat chronic disease. The vision was to create a new system that could treat a huge amount of people at low cost, instead of having to meet 1:1 or in small groups. Addressing the etiology of chronic disease using the framework that identifies the precursors to disease, and obstacles to health, including:

Infectious disease

Environmental toxins

Physical/psychological/psychophysiological trauma

Source Medicine delivered by the medium of Source Resonances enables us to reestablish the integrity of the morphogenetic field and assist with evolving through the effects of physical and psychological  traumas' chronic disease, and environmental toxins. Source Resonances assist with the transformation of consciousness.




I encountered Source Medicine in 2016, and am now part of the  core group of practitioners, comprising medical doctors, scientists, homeopaths, psychotherapists and coaches, as we develop the system and make it more available to the world.

A session is used as a guide in supporting the journey of unraveling the layers of physical, mental and emotional trauma that our body’s are presenting to us through symptom pictures. Our life is an echo of all that has come before. Ancestral and cultural patterns run deep.

Many of us have realized, sometimes very suddenly, that we no longer have the time to indulge in more traditional and potentially never-ending healing methods.

Why spend more years in the trauma field, indulging your survival mechanisms or the trauma survival strategies of others? Now you no longer have to stay. With evolutionary support, you can step out, leaving the trauma field to allow the pearl within to emerge. Once here, your divine nature becomes abundantly clear.

Source Medicine and Source Resonances are used by thousands of people every month from all walks of life. My current 1-on-1 client sessions present an opportunity to experience the leading edge of my work.

Appointments last approximately 90 mins and take place in person or distance session. Please contact me for details or to book an appointment.

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